Stratford Town Ghost Walk

Award-winning Ghost Walk in Shakespeare's 'haunted' Stratford upon Avon.  

Join Vincent, Herbert, MIB or Jocasta for a magical evening walk around the 'haunted' streets of Stratford upon Avon.  The stories you hear are true, what you make of them, is up to you. Good old-fashioned storytelling with entertainment. Discover the buildings seeping with tales of ghosts, witches, murder and misery.  Hear about the witch who lived in a slum, a 17th century haunted tearoom, the theatre ghost and a jilted bride. Don't go home alone! 
SATURDAY  - 7.30pm - 9pm
£8 adult, £5 child
Ticket includes discounts at a range of shops, attractions and eateries
Book on the day: 07855 760377
- Additional walks during school holidays
- Special Halloween Ghost Walk on 31 October
- Private walks Sunday - Friday (small & large groups), call us to discuss
- See website for updates

The guides are professional entertainers or actors and deliver Stratford's premier ghost walk in their own unique style.  A magical and ghostly evening - not to be missed!

The Ghost Walk starts by the Swan Fountain on Waterside, 200 yards in front of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and opposite Barnaby's fish and chip shop on the corner of Sheep Street.


It is necessary to reserve places in advance for this highly acclaimed walk.  Please telephone on the day or a few days before (between 9am and 6pm)  on 07855 760377 or 01789 292478.
May not be suitable for children under 8yrs

 For more information go to or Tel: 07855 760377