Do Not Forget Me (‘Nie Zapomnij Mnie’)


A new play by Danny Masewicz, the second in ‘A Polish Trilogy’ begun in 2023 with the stunning ‘Under KatyƄ’.

In 1940 approximately 1.5 million Polish people, mainly women and children, were forcibly deported by the Soviet NKVD. They were sent to labour camps in Kazakhstan, Siberia and Uzbekistan.

In 1941, some of the prisoners escaped.

We follow one family’s selfless struggle. We see how the child of the family resists the ordeal of capture and how her mother and grandparents rise above hardship to give her a future. We even glimpse the world of the prison guard and how he is torn between duty and compassion. Most of all, this is a play about how hope defeats despair. Copernicana and firstlight present it to honour the struggle of refugees everywhere.

We are proud to be supported by The Stratford Town Trust and The Polish Cultural Institute.

9 - 13 July 2024
7:30pm (Matinee Sat at 2:30pm) - 9:30pm

The Bear Pit Theatre

Running time
2hrs incl 20 mins interval

£15 (Concessions £12)