The world of classical music is populated by revolutionaries, innovators and visionaries; artists who challenge not only the way we perceive sound but who unexpectedly reveal astonishing new aspects of the human experience. They expand our consciousness by drawing back the curtain even further than we thought possible. Regarded with suspicion in their own times, these composers were often vilified, certainly misunderstood and in some cases considered to be insane. It is only by taking a step back that we can truly appreciate their exceptional creativity. The composers presented here were, without doubt, renegades, pioneers in sound and explorers of the undiscovered corners of the human psyche.


John Lennon Revolution 9
Rebel arr. Le Page Chaos
Shostakovich Chamber Symphony in C minor (Largo & Allegro molto)
Purcell In Nomine à 6 in G minor Z. 746
Satie Pages mystiques 1
Delia Derbyshire arr. Le Page Falling, From the Dreams
Strozzi arr. Le Page Che si puo fare
Frank Zappa The Black Page #1
Biber Battalia à 10
Cage 4’33”
Piazzolla Four for Tango
Hildegard von Bingen arr. Le Page Spiritus Sanctus Vivificans
Gil Scott-Heron arr. Le Page The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Gesualdo arr. Le Page Belta, poi che t’assenti
Jimi Hendrix arr. Le Page Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Beethoven arr. Ferdinand Ries Symphony No. 3 Finale: Allegro molto

Director David Le Page
Tickets: Unreserved £25 and £5 under 35s 
Seating Style: Cabaret