The Sinister Side of Shakespeare's Stratford - Guided Walking Tour

Be entertained on this walk around the heart of Stratford-upon-Avon to hear tales of plague, murder, ghosts, beatings, witches, sewage and grave-robbing. And as we tour the streets of Stratford, like so many who have come before you, you will be unable to escape the clutches of Shakespeare as he permeates so much around us!

At the moment, tours are scheduled for booking all the way until October 2024.

How long are the walks?

The Sinister Side of Shakespeare’s Stratford Guided Walking Tour normally takes about an hour and half, though larger groups can take slightly longer, though there is only about 20 minutes of actual walking involved, if that much! The length of each tour will vary depending on the conditions and participants.

Do I have to be physically fit?

No, but we do ask that participants only sign up for a walk if they can keep a steady pace, be that walking or in a wheelchair, as the whole group can only move as quickly as the slowest person. There are a few uneven surfaces, so whilst walking boots are not necessary, comfortable footwear is advisable and please take into consideration that areas, especially in the park, can be slippery in wet conditions.

Is the route wheelchair accessible?

We want to say yes, and on most days when all the car drivers are considerate and obey parking rules, it is absolutely a yes. The problem happens when people park over the dropped kerbs, which sadly happens far too often. If this does happen, our guide will help any wheelchair user overcome this problem if they should need it.

Does the tour go inside any attractions?

No. Unless the park and the graveyard count?

Can I just turn up at the start of the tour?

We really recommend that you book your place in advance. Tours will be cancelled if no-one has booked 60 minutes before a is due to start and some times we get private bookings go to other events. Occasionally, we might even have a day off! So you need to make sure a tour is actually happening – that’s why we say when tours are normally scheduled to run. If there is space and a tour is happening, you can pay on the day by cash or card on the day, but it is much better if you let us know you are coming.

Where do the walks start?

The top of Sheep Street next to the phone box, on the corner of High Street, opposite the Town Hall, the Old Bank (HSBC) and the Garrick Inn, CV37 6EF. If you can see the river, you’re in the wrong place! There is a pin for the Platinum Jubilee Tree on Google Maps on this corner, exactly where the walks start. Though please bear in mind that the tree was only planted in 2022, so it isn’t particularly big yet!