The Merry Wives of Windsor

‘Revenged I will be, as sure as his guts are made of puddings.’

Curtains are twitching and tongues are wagging in this fresh new production of Shakespeare’s suburban comedy.

When an out-of-pocket schemer arrives among the lawns and herbaceous borders of Windsor, he sets about seducing two well-to-do married women. It’s the perfect hustle. Surely one of them will fall for his irresistible charms? But in this neighbourhood, wives talk. And they’re about to play some tricks of their own...

Lies! Jealousy! Dirty laundry! The Merry Wives of Windsor is an uproarious tale of mischief and double-dealing where the women get the last laugh. What goes on at Number 22 is absolutely everybody’s business.

Blanche McIntyre (The Two Noble Kinsmen, All’s Well That Ends Well for the RSC, Arabian Nights at Bristol Old Vic) returns to direct.